Stores and Designers 2017

7 March, 2016
A fashion show without clothes is impossible. With that said, let us introduce the stores and designers for Spring Inspiration 2017's. Isa Fashion     “Fashion is something that empowers you and makes you walk with confidence and pride. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, man or a woman, we all express who we are and we are all telling each other a piece of our story trough the way we dress”. Fatima Kebbeh, the founder of ISA Fashion wants to present a piece of Africa and mix it up with a piece of Sweden in her designs. She makes clothes with a lot of mind behind every piece, which make her designs extraordinary.   STIL   A store with exclusive brands like Tiger of Sweden, BLK DNM, Acne Studios, FWSS, Filippa K, Snoot, Tommy Hilfiger, Xacus, Anine Bing, Sixty Days, NN.07, Amanda Christensen, Premium, Hestra, American Vintage, By Malene Birger and Lacoste. You can always find clothes to fall in love with at Södra Strandgatan 12 in Jönköping.     Saint Tropez   Fashionable, feminine and trendy - that's Saint Tropez. Saint Tropez designs clothes for the conscious woman, who values a good combination of high quality and the latest trends. With new deliveries every week, Saint Tropez is the ultimate one-stop-shop for fashion lovers that love good style for wallet friendly prices. Elegant, casual, trendy or comfortable - Saint Tropez has something for everyone. You can find Saint Tropez at Smedjegatan 9 in Jönköping.           bonattiIt doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, Bonatti has a wide range of underwear for both men and women. They have fancy lingerie and cute nightgowns for anyone that wants to feel extra special. They have comfortable and cozy pyjamas for a chill night at home and fun swimwear that will make you stand out at the beach. You will find Bonatti in the centre of Jönköping, at Östra Storgatan 1.     AKD “We want you to love every single item in your wardrobe. We want you to wear your shirt until it tears, and then repair it. We want you to be able to wear your black jeans to anything. A fitted shirt, a leather-jacket or just a plain tee. To us, black and white are the colors of love. Last, but not least, we want you not to care about what anybody thinks. We want you to be able to build confidence that will shine through, even when you’re wearing a banana-suit”. Another kind of denim (AKD) is founded by Christoffer Liljegren and Vasko Rakipi and their goal is to make their own, timeless designs reflecting an attitude.     G-Star

A store with attitude, edge and high quality for both men and woman. G-Star are known for their denim with innovative designs and distinctive washes. You will also find anything from stylish outwear to shirts with details or classic outfits. You can find G-star Raw at Kompanigatan 36 (A6 center) in Jönköping.

  Rebecca Larsson   Rebecca Larsson is a designer and her Collection is inspired by her florist background. With sheer and light fabrics, I want to emphasize the shapes of the female body and grace. I want to make the women feel confident, strong and beautiful. We are all unique flowers!”     logga såininorden   Anne Helmer Smedmark is the founder behind the Jönköping located store SåiniNordeN. Her ambition with the store was, and still is, to be able to offer her customers unique clothes made by the very best scandinavian designers and brands. The store is located in the central part of the city, at Smedjegatan 14, and provides clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and much more to the fashion conscious customer. SåiniNordeN wishes all their customers to be able to express their own personality whilst wearing their clothes!      

A modern store with feeling for details and quality. This is a store with a mixture of both Scandinavian and internationals brands and with a wide range of jeans, street-wear and outfits for a more dressed look. Go in there and get inspired! You will find Carlings at Östra Storgatan 28 and at Kompanigatan 36 (A6 center) in Jönköping.


Icaniwill started as a post-it on Gustaf Ollas bathroom mirror during his studies in Uppsala. Today, four years later, the company has grown to become a well known brand with customers all over the world. They create limited edition fitness apparel with focus on quality and design. Icaniwill want their customers to wear their apparel with pride and use them over and over again on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

“We truly believe that the difference between dreams and reality consists of hard work combined with determination. We know that every individual can and will succeed if he or she wants it bad enough!” - ICANIWILL

You can order their amazing workout clothes on!


Founded in 1968, Esprit is an international fashion brand that pays homage to its roots and expresses a relaxed, sunny Californian attitude towards life. Esprit creates inspiring collections for women, men and kids made from high-quality materials paying great attention to detail. All of Esprit’s products demonstrate the Group’s commitment to make the consumers “feel good to look good”. The company’s “esprit de corps” reflects a positive and caring attitude towards life that embraces community, family and friends - in that casual, laid-back California style. The Esprit style.