Spring goes Fashion Week in 2020. 

A project within the JIBS Student Association

Spring Inspiration


Spring Inspiration is Scandinavia’s largest fashion show that is organized and hosted by students of Jönköping University. It is a project within the JIBS Student Association but involves students from all faculties at Jönköping University. The Spring Inspiration team includes 24 talented and driven students that work together in creating the best event Spring has to offer. The Spring Inspiration fashion show is an annual event arranged in Jönköping that together with various designers and stores, aims to deliver a fun night in the spirit of fashion. In front of 800 people, we deliver each year a fashion show that breathes fashion and inspiration.

About Us

Take the cab to Spring Inspiration


Meet our amazing team


Discover the team of this years Spring Inspiration, where 24 creative and engaged JU students work together, in turning Spring Inspiration 2019 into the event of the year!


Project Managers


Felix Nilsson & Lovisa Karlsson


Design Team


Frida Kåvik, Ramona Nazem & Gabriel Flores


Sponsor Team


Frida Svedberg, Tobias Karlsson, Amanda Bogren, Daniel Johansson & Johanna Fellbrant


Marketing Team


Jonathan Pykälistö, Caroline Sporrong, Elin Antus Flyckt & Linn Grönqvist


Event Team


Hilma Krantz, Emelie Ramsö, Matilda Björklund &

Frida Heed  

Media Team


Isaias Cabrera, Sara Klint, Mikaela Alfvén & Li Jung Nam


Model Team


Malin Forss & Charlotta Herkommer


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+46 073 44 74 84